Jubilee Stores

Jubilee Stores is Quay Arts artist studios and participatory arts complex. Located just along the river it houses 7 artist studios and hosts a range of courses and workshops.

Jubilee Stores Studios is an artist studios and participatory arts complex owned and run by Quay Arts. It is located just along the river from the Quay Arts Centre and houses 7 artist studios and hosts a range of courses and workshops.

Built in 1924, the building was used to store grain by James Thomas and Co. Ltd, a local miller company. The lease for the building was sold in the mid 1930’s and it was taken over by the British Road Services to store various goods. By the mid 1970’s, the building had fallen into a state of disrepair before being taken over by Quay Arts to be used as a participatory arts complex.

The conversion and establishment of Jubilee Stores Studios took place following Quay Arts capital grant of over £1 million from the Arts Council England’s National Lottery Board in 1996.

Jubilee Stores Studios provides emerging artists and makers with a base from which they can develop and grow their artistic practice, whilst also providing the Island with a unique cultural dynamic through developing the creative industries. Resident artists create work in a wide range of media, from printmaking to digital media, jewellery to visual arts and crafts.

Resident artists also offer courses and workshops through the Quay Arts seasonal programme. Please click here to view Quay Arts current courses and workshops.

Photograph courtesy of Joanna Kori


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