Braille Trilogy

Sat 8 October @ Sat 8 October Sat 26 November @ Sat 26 November

Saturday 8th Oct – Sat 26th Nov 2022

Blind artist Clarke Reynolds explores sight loss and narrative through braille. For ‘Trilogy’ at Quay Arts, Clarke re-configures recent works from two solo exhibitions in combination with a new series titled ‘I miss colours but’ specially created for the West Gallery space. 

“What do they say all good things come in 3’s….

And so let the trilogy happen at Quay Arts.

In just one year Clarke Reynolds the blind Braille artist has accomplished three different solo shows at 3 prestigious gallery’s with complete new work in each exploring his sight loss with learning Braille making it an art form and telling a story in words…and as each chapter explores this theme in ‘decoding Braille decoding me‘ at the Base Newbury, ‘Journey by dots‘ at Aspex Portsmouth and to complete the trilogy his new work ‘I miss colours but’ will all be exhibited in the West Gallery so you can follow Clarke’s journey of showing the art world that a blind artist can coexist in mainstream art.

Oh and you can touch everything!

Clarke Reynolds

Instagram: blind.braille.artist


West Gallery
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IW Open Studios Select

Sat 17 September @ Sat 17 September Sat 8 October @ Sat 8 October

Saturday 13th Aug – 10th Sept 2022

A pop-up exhibition of work selected by our gallery curator, taken from the recent IOW Open Studios showcase, featuring a cross-section of mediums including watercolour, oils, pastel, ceramic and installation.

Exhibiting Artists: Rai Barker | Guy Eades | Carol Ann Eades | Andy Fortune | Hilary Love | Rosemary Lowrey | Stephen Prangnell | Suzie Prangnell | Susana Watts | Paul Woods


Clayden Gallery
Monday – Sunday, 9am – 5pm

Minibeasts, Mark-making and Me

Sat 17 September @ Sat 17 September Sat 8 October @ Sat 8 October

Saturday 17th Sept – 8th Oct 2022

Minibeasts, Mark-making and Me:
Contemporary Embodied Drawing Approaches to Multispecies Worlds

Against the current backdrop of the biodiversity crisis, and amongst the emergence of research accepting invertebrates as sentient creatures with agency, Kay McCrann is exploring how drawing and mark-making could help us better connect with and understand the small and wonderfully varied ‘minibeasts’ that live in our houses and gardens.

‘Minibeasts’ as a term first emerged within environmental education in the UK during the 1970s. As an incredibly diverse group of small invertebrate animals, minibeasts include bees, butterflies, ants, woodlice, snails, grasshoppers and worms as well as some of the more ‘unloved’ creatures we live alongside at home such as spiders, flies and slugs.

Living here on the Isle of Wight, a UNESCO World Biosphere Reserve, Kay McCrann is currently completing a practice-based PhD with the School of Art, Design and Performance at Portsmouth University. As part of her research she is developing a new model of ‘non-containment’ minibeast drawing practice, investigating how embodied, ‘in-situ’ mark-making could help us develop a more empathetic and empowered understanding of our relationships with Minibeasts within our shared everyday worlds. Twitter: @mccrann_k



Clayden Gallery
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Yana Barabash at Quay Arts

Fri 19 August @ Fri 19 August Sun 11 September @ Sun 11 September

Saturday 19th Aug – Sun 11th Sept 2022

Yana Barabash was born and raised in Odessa, Ukraine and studied at the Grekov Odesa Art school.

Widely travelled, and exhibited in the museums and galleries of Odessa, Kyiv and abroad, Yana fled the Ukraine earlier this year when war broke out, leaving behind much of her life and body of art.

In the short time Yana has been in the UK she has been creating plein air seascapes and portraits in oils featuring Isle of Wight locations, lightly suffused with her idiosyncratic colour palette.

Yana Barabash:

“My paintings remained at home (in the Ukraine), my plans and I had to start a new life. But thanks to the open hearts of the British, their help and care, we are safe here. The Isle of Wight became my second home, and I have begun to paint again.

In this exhibition, at Quay Arts, you can see paintings made on the Island since arriving, glorifying the beauty of this place, as well as several portraits.”


Cafe Wall
Monday – Sunday, 9am – 5pm


Sat 13 August @ Sat 13 August Sat 24 September @ Sat 24 September

Saturday 13th Aug – Sat 24th Sept 2022

Award winning artist and NAPA member Steve Miles has an abstract language of painting combined with a highly expressive and gestural graphic style influenced by his years as a graffiti artist and graphic designer. 

Over time, he has adapted his scaled down approach to painting by creating more abstracted and fluid, gestural marks that  capture the same emotions that can be found in his large-scale graffiti works.


West Gallery
Monday – Sunday, 9am – 5pm