Winging It

Exhibition by the carnival group Shademakers UK

Sat 9 December, 2023 Sun 18 February, 2024

Sat 9th December – Sun 18th February 2023

Winging It: exhibition by the carnival group Shademakers UK

“When you look to the stars, be careful what you tread in” 

AD ASTRA– To the Stars

Shademakers UK display their stunning carnival costumes at the Quay this winter with a focus on flight, wings and the skies.   


West Gallery
Monday – Sunday

9am to 5pm



Cafe exhibition by artist Rita Brown

Fri 13 October Sun 12 November

Friday 13 October – Sunday 12 November 2023

FIGURES: cafe exhibition by artist Rita Brown

Working as artist in residence to contemporary dance companies, Rita’s paintings and mixed media works take the form of non-literal / emotionally expressed responses to the visual experience of observing the collaborative creation of ideas, improvisations, rehearsals and final performances of dancers. With a knowledge of anatomy and use of layering of paint and glazes the works slowly build, capturing fleeting moments. 


Café Wall
Monday – Sunday

9am to 5pm


Solo exhibition by artist Sandy Kendall

Sat 21 October Sun 26 November

Sat 21st October – Sun 26th November 2023

Manifestations: solo exhibition by artist Sandy Kendall

A solo exhibition by Sandy Kendall featuring drawings and paintings inspired by classical art and a life-long interest in the human body.

‘Manifestations’ presents works on canvas, board and large-scale pieces on cloth, depicting a morphic mass of denuded bodies that strive to breach the frame. 


West Gallery
Monday – Sunday

9am to 5pm



Group exhibition by artists Amanda Seale, Melanie Swan and Sylvia Radford.

Sat 4 November @ Sat 4 November Wed 29 November @ Wed 29 November

Sat 4th Nov – Wed 29th Nov

Transience: Group exhibition by artists Amanda Seale, Melanie Swan and Sylvia Radford.

Transience presents the work of three artists who explore their experiences of impermanence and changeability through different mediums. Which includes textile installations by Amanda Seale and Melanie Swan, together with paintings by Sylvia Radford who, earlier this year, was selected for the Contemporary Art Collectors Emerging Artist Programme and awarded an Honourable Mention in the Contemporary Expressions Award 2023.  

The artists have worked together since they met in 2018 and exhibited together at Quay Arts in 2021 with their show ‘A Place to Call Home’.   


Clayden Gallery

Monday – Sunday 9am to 5pm

Preview: TBC

MID-WAY: Portfolio Preparation Course Exhibition

Sat 22 July @ Sat 22 July Sun 3 September @ Sun 3 September

Sat 22nd July – Sun 3rd September 2023

MID-WAY: Portfolio Preparation Course Exhibition

We are currently holding an exhibition in the Quay Arts Café called ‘Mid-Way’ until Sept 3rd. The exhibition showcases a selection of the group’s current work from their first two terms, and features a variety of mediums they have been exploring during their time on the course so far. A final group exhibition at the end of their course will be presented in our Clayden Gallery Nov/Dec 23, exact dates to be confirmed.

Janet Beasley | Rosalind Kearney | Carrie Matthews | Talia Madden | Ulrike Schmoranzer | Elizabeth Smith | Cara Watson

Our yearly Portfolio Preparation Course is designed to develop your core skills and explore your creativity. Whilst providing a wide range of exciting workshops, led by our experienced course leader Nick Martin as well as guest tutors. Giving the flavour of a Foundation Art course on the Isle of Wight.

This three-term course gives participants an opportunity to explore new avenues in art. Students have the chance to cover and develop core skills in a variety of mediums in workshops including drawing, painting, printing, traditional craft and sculpture.

The aim of the course is to prepare a portfolio of art and hone presentation skills which will further your art practice. It is a non-accredited course, aimed at people who would like the ‘foundation course’ experience. This course will give you everything you need to create an exciting and impressive portfolio. The course outline is one day a week, 30 contact days over three 10 week terms.

When it comes to our tutors, both artists from the island and guests from the mainland will hold a range of classes which will take place every Tuesday at Quay Arts and Jubilee Stores (our artist studio and workshop building, which is located close by down the river).

This will be Quay Arts 5th year of running the Portfolio Preparation Course which has a maximum of 9 students suitable for 18+. We are now recruiting for our 2024 course, for more details please contact and a member of the Arts Team will get back to you!


Cafe Wall
Monday – Sunday

9am to 5pm

End of Course Show, Clayden Gallery: Nov/Dec 2023

Play Form Exhibition

Clayden Gallery

Play Form showcases the work made during our FREE sculpture workshops lead by Anthony James aka Creaturama.

Sat 29 July @ Sat 29 July Sat 2 September @ Sat 2 September

Exhibition Sat 29th July to Sat 2nd Sept

Play Form

In our Clayden gallery, Quay Arts will be presenting a publicly generated project called ‘Play Form’. Acting as an evolving response to the OPEN 2023 ‘The Art of Sculpture’ exhibition in our West Gallery, ‘Play Form’ will explore sculpture through experimentation and play by repurposing materials through multiple practical workshops open to families and visitors. 

We currently have the work made during our FREE sculpture workshops lead by Anthony James aka Creaturama on display in our Clayden Gallery.


Monday – Sunday, 9am – 5pm

Quay Arts’ OPEN 2023

Sat 22 July Sat 7 October

Sat 22nd July – Sun 8th October 2023

QUAY ARTS OPEN 2023: The Art of Sculpture (AOS) 

In the age of the super-flat, Quay Arts present an exhibition celebrating the physicality of art. 

Bringing together the work of twenty five artists (young, emerging and established) working within or across the broad practice of Sculpture, AOS showcases concepts and techniques through materials and themes and the curated interplay of works within the (gallery) setting. 

Displayed and linking across Quay Arts, AOS presents carved, printed, painted, moulded, naturally sourced, cast, constructed and sewn works designed for real world interaction.  

One artist will be selected by a judging panel from the 2023 OPEN and be awarded first prize: a solo exhibition at Quay Arts in the West Gallery in 2024 / 25. A second artist will also be selected for a solo exhibition at Quay Arts in the Clayden Gallery in 2024. 

Quay Arts Biennial occurs every two years with the next OPEN programmed for 2025. 

Steve Baxter | David Briggs | Carol Ann Eades |
Fran Farrar
| Victoria Fellows | Alicia French |
Barbara Gowan | Anna Hayward | Fran Heath | Lisa Heath |
Wendy Hodges | Charles Inge | Isabelle Kori |
Olana Light | Simon Linington | Losten | Maya Malfatti | Shaun Martin | Rikki Pitman | Joshua Raffell
David Leonard Rodford | Kate Sanger | Tony Spencer |
William John Vaughan | Trudie Wilson |


West Gallery
Monday – Sunday

9am to 5pm

Saturday 22nd July
6pm to 8pm


Sat 9 September @ Sat 9 September Sat 7 October @ Sat 7 October

Sat 9th Sept – Sat 7th Oct

Olivia – A Micro installation, Clayden Gallery
by Teresa Grimaldi and Sarah Vardy

Olivia – Photographs, Cafe Wall
by Samuel French

The work re-tells the extraordinary life of Miss Parkes, who lived in Ventnor for almost 40 years in a dilapidated boathouse held up by stilts. Using animated micro ‘vignettes’ within a replica wooden model boathouse, it is accompanied by audio recordings of Ventnorians who remember her.

Olivia’s life raises many questions about how unconventional people are treated within society. The scene captures the details of her daily existence, intriguingly opening a window on the spirit of a woman who dared to live differently

Photographs by Samuel French will be on display in our Café that capture the Olivia project during Ventnor Fringe Festival as well as images inspired by her story.


Short film screening, artists’ talk, and tour of the Olivia Exhibition held with the exhibiting artists’ Teresa Grimaldi and Sarah Vardy on Oct 1st. Spaces for this event are limited, for more details and to book your free place, please click here.

Olivia Parkes Instagram


Monday – Sunday, 9am – 5pm

Projection Viewing, 10am – 2pm

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Open Exhibition 2023


The Art of Sculpture

Emerging and established artists are invited to submit works in any medium for Quay Arts’ biennial OPEN Exhibition 2023: ‘The Art of Sculpture’

Every two years, Quay Arts invites artists from across the UK to submit works in any medium to be considered for inclusion in a themed OPEN Exhibition. This is part of Quay Arts’ work to provide a platform for artists and discover new talent. 

DEADLINE FOR APPLICATIONS: End of day Monday 10th April

OPEN 2023 Brief:

The theme for this year’s exhibition is ‘The Art of Sculpture’

The theme of sculpture has a wide-ranging application within this brief and includes artworks that have a special focus on form, mass and space as well as materials, concepts and techniques. Artworks may be free-standing, mounted, or installations, including site specific arrangements. Any size artwork may be submitted within the limitations of size and access to the gallery which is on the first floor (please see guidelines and floor plan below). 

The resulting exhibition will showcase a strong and varied selection of contemporary and traditional works and explore the interplay of forms within the gallery setting.

One artist will be selected (by a judging panel) from the 2023 OPEN for a solo exhibition at Quay Arts in the West Gallery in 2024 / 25. A second artist will be selected for a solo exhibition at Quay Arts Clayden Gallery in 2024.

Selection Panel:
Paul Woods, Open 2021 Winner; Eugene Dugan-Brause, Ian Whitmore and Hannah George, Quay Arts Arts team; Guest judge – TBA

To apply: Please read the guidelines below. Entrants must be 18 years or over.
Two stage application process –
1 Fill out and return the application form below to
2 Click on the payment button and submit your payment. (£30 fee for up to 3 artworks)


West Gallery Floorplan

For alternative methods of application or for specific access needs please refer to the guidelines or email

Application form & Payment

Thank you for taking the time to apply! Your application fee supports costs incurred by Quay Arts associated with the selection, curation, installation and marketing of our OPEN exhibitions. Our galleries are open 7 days a week and always free to enter.

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February Fun

Quay Arts hosted the marvellous two day IW Story Festival in February which enjoyed sell out shows and a host of fabulous authors and activities. One of the big names at the event was Axel Scheffler who illustrated the iconic Gruffalo story books. Families queued right through the café and out the door to meet him and get their books signed.

To cap off a fantastically busy few days we welcomed The Bubble Show on Sunday afternoon. The theatre was at full capacity and Mr Bubbles kept all the audience entertained particularly the lucky few who got to stand in a giant size bubble! Mr Bubbles will be back at Quay Arts in the Autumn.

We have also had wonderful evenings of music with ‘Night and Spiers’ and ‘Remi Harris & Tom Moore’ and ‘Voodoo Room’ thoroughly delighting our appreciative music loving audiences.

The second Monday evening Collage Club was also held (check out the particularly fabulous collaged Crossword Cat that was made). Next Collage Club is on Monday 28th March 7-9pm. The youngsters who came to this Sunday’s Kids Art Club also enjoyed the art of cutting and pasting as you can see from this lovely ‘Spring’ artwork that they made. Next Kids Art Club is Sunday 27th March 10 – 12pm.

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All Rivers Run North: Spoken Word

All Rivers Run North  | Spoken Word Commission | Adam Gaterell 

As part of the ‘All Rivers Run North’ exhibition an original spoken word response by Island Poet Adam Gaterell was commissioned. Filmed by Chester George and supported by funding from Arts Council England, you can watch the performance on our Quay Arts YouTube channel below.

Adam will also be running a workshop session as part of the IW Story Festival in February. Adam will take young people on an artistic exploration of ways to create monsters for their own stories, comics or art.

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SIX / :::

New Group Show exhibition opening at Quay Arts on Sat 8th Jan

January sees an exciting new group exhibition open in the main West Gallery at Quay Arts. Titled ‘SIX / :::’ the show features work by six artists selected from the Quay Arts 2021 OPEN and then awarded a supported exhibition. SIX’ runs from Sat 8th January 2022 – Sat 5th March 2022 in the West Gallery – FREE entry 

SIX blends newly created pieces, works in perpetual progress and items from the makers pasts that have worked themselves into the present. Mediums include assemblage, ceramics, print, painting, installation, and film incorporating local clay, found objects, oils, paper, Lego and silver.  

SIX includes Jill Wilkinson’s powerful painting ‘Lost in a Lost World’; Shaun Martins’ “Initiating Objects”; the anxious and fragmented paintings of Charles Inge; Lisa Heath’s dramatic “Collision” sculpture; dynamic multi-medium assemblages from David Hamilton; and Fran Farrar’s ‘Catching the Light’ series of abstract etchings. 

Unifying the seemingly disparate artists is a sustained, thoughtful, and often experimental exploration of identity, space and sequentiality. Each of the SIX artists invites viewers to examine the expression of their diverse practices and methodologies and to arrive at their own unique interpretations. 

Exhibiting Artists are:  

Jill Wilkinson | Shaun Martin | Charles Inge | Lisa Heath | David Hamilton | Fran Farrar 

Ian Whitmore: 

“The selected artists responded magnificently to the opportunity despite not knowing each other and working within a limited time frame. I took pleasure being part of the development and presentation of existing, recently finished and newly created works going so far as to collaborate with artist Shaun Martin, translocating and reconfiguring a section of his studio whilst he is out of the Country. The artists and Quay Arts took risks which have really paid off producing a strong, high quality and thought-provoking exhibition.” 

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