Messing with Heads

Sat 29 April Sat 8 July

Sat 29th Apr – Sat 8th Jul 2023

Exhibition information coming soon.


West Gallery
Monday – Sunday, 9am – 5pm

Detritus. “The Debris of Consumerism”

Sat 21 January @ Sat 21 January Sun 12 February @ Sun 12 February

Sat 21st Jan – Sun 12th Feb 2023

Detritus. “The Debris of Consumerism”
David Rodford

Artist David Rodford is endeavouring to synthesise his experience of a lifetime working in industrial design and manufacture, knowledge of materials and processes with the themes of his artistic practice. He takes consumer packaging for his source material and, using a process of casting, has created three-dimensional Plaster of Paris forms, making the hand-made from the machine-made. 

The cast arrangements on display articulate a personal view of the world, a relationship with materials, making and sustainability. 

“By taking the banal and ephemeral materials and by process transforming and memorialising them, I am prompting the viewer to both re-examine and revaluate their relationship with the source material”.  David Rodford 

Detritus represents the culmination of study with the Open College of Arts, culminating in this exhibition, which is his degree show. 

Meet the Artist: Sat 28 Jan
Your chance to meet David in the gallery for an informal tour of the exhibition and to ask questions, find out more about the work and processes employed in their making. 

Instagram Link:  david_rodford_art 

Artists Statement

I bring to my practice the experience of a working life spent in industrial design and manufacture which informs my relationship with materials and processes. In this body of work I am bringing this knowledge and synthesising it with my artistic drives. In particular the manipulation of materials, the placement of forms, compositions and the relationship between 2D and 3D.

This group of work titled ‘Detritus’ is about disposability, design and making; taking ephemeral, banal throw away objects and by process making the handmade from the machine-made, the impermanent permanent. I regard the source material, supermarket packaging, as considered pieces of design, whose qualities, through my process are elevated. I see the cast forms as three-dimensional photographs that memorialise disposable manufactured objects and index their condition and the works a combination of associated elements plus my own perspective.

The resulting compositions are a recollection of a working life, they are autobiographical, a meditation and celebration of making. The visual language that emerges from these works derives from my intimate understanding of the components and processes that are behind their manufacture rather than an ideology that relates to minimalism.


Clayden Gallery
Monday – Sunday, 9am – 5pm

Meet the Artist:
Sat 28th Jan
Clayden Gallery
FREE all welcome

Just The Place

Sat 11 February @ Sat 11 February Sat 8 April @ Sat 8 April

Sat 11th Feb – Sat 8th Apr 2023

‘Simply Galumphing’ installation by Theresa Grimaldi and Sarah Vardy

An exhibition exploring the role of placemaking in Boojum & Snark’s cultural projects. Funded by Arts Council England.

Placemaking is a way to unlock a sense of pride, passion and wonder in your place. It relies on making authentic connections that strengthen peoples relationship to their place. For Boojum&Snark, placemaking also involves bringing activities, projects, experiences to Sandown that arouse curiosity and inspire interest and love for the town. This exploration involves delving into the hidden past or shining a light on everyday beauty. Supported by the Arts Council and working with creative practitioners and the community we have, over three years, discovered new perspectives and stories that together fuse to form a collective narrative that boosts confidence and broadens awareness. Whether it’s stimulating discussions about abandoned hotels or marvelling at the natural beauty of the Bay area, it’s Sandown that is at the heart of all these projects.

“Just the Place is really a celebration of Sandown, the community, creative practitioners, supporters and participants who have helped to conjure unique cultural content that weaves threads of Sandown into the present.” Tracy Mikich co-founder of Boojum&Snark

Teresa Grimaldi
Sarah Vardy
Lauren Fry
Sapphire Goss
Claire Speight
Maggie Sawkins
Kathy Williams

* “Just the place for a Snark!” is the opening line of Lewis Carroll’s nonsense poem, The Hunting of the Snark, which he began whilst on holiday in Sandown.

Boojum&Snark opened in 2019 and is a regeneration project located in a former long-standing empty High Street shop. It mashes together a love for craft beer, community and culture.

105 High Street
Isle of Wight
PO36 8AF


West Gallery
Monday – Sunday, 9am – 5pm

Exhibition View
Sat 25 March
2pm-4pm | FREE
All Welcome

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February Fun

Quay Arts hosted the marvellous two day IW Story Festival in February which enjoyed sell out shows and a host of fabulous authors and activities. One of the big names at the event was Axel Scheffler who illustrated the iconic Gruffalo story books. Families queued right through the café and out the door to meet him and get their books signed.

To cap off a fantastically busy few days we welcomed The Bubble Show on Sunday afternoon. The theatre was at full capacity and Mr Bubbles kept all the audience entertained particularly the lucky few who got to stand in a giant size bubble! Mr Bubbles will be back at Quay Arts in the Autumn.

We have also had wonderful evenings of music with ‘Night and Spiers’ and ‘Remi Harris & Tom Moore’ and ‘Voodoo Room’ thoroughly delighting our appreciative music loving audiences.

The second Monday evening Collage Club was also held (check out the particularly fabulous collaged Crossword Cat that was made). Next Collage Club is on Monday 28th March 7-9pm. The youngsters who came to this Sunday’s Kids Art Club also enjoyed the art of cutting and pasting as you can see from this lovely ‘Spring’ artwork that they made. Next Kids Art Club is Sunday 27th March 10 – 12pm.

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All Rivers Run North: Spoken Word

All Rivers Run North  | Spoken Word Commission | Adam Gaterell 

As part of the ‘All Rivers Run North’ exhibition an original spoken word response by Island Poet Adam Gaterell was commissioned. Filmed by Chester George and supported by funding from Arts Council England, you can watch the performance on our Quay Arts YouTube channel below.

Adam will also be running a workshop session as part of the IW Story Festival in February. Adam will take young people on an artistic exploration of ways to create monsters for their own stories, comics or art.

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SIX / :::

New Group Show exhibition opening at Quay Arts on Sat 8th Jan

January sees an exciting new group exhibition open in the main West Gallery at Quay Arts. Titled ‘SIX / :::’ the show features work by six artists selected from the Quay Arts 2021 OPEN and then awarded a supported exhibition. SIX’ runs from Sat 8th January 2022 – Sat 5th March 2022 in the West Gallery – FREE entry 

SIX blends newly created pieces, works in perpetual progress and items from the makers pasts that have worked themselves into the present. Mediums include assemblage, ceramics, print, painting, installation, and film incorporating local clay, found objects, oils, paper, Lego and silver.  

SIX includes Jill Wilkinson’s powerful painting ‘Lost in a Lost World’; Shaun Martins’ “Initiating Objects”; the anxious and fragmented paintings of Charles Inge; Lisa Heath’s dramatic “Collision” sculpture; dynamic multi-medium assemblages from David Hamilton; and Fran Farrar’s ‘Catching the Light’ series of abstract etchings. 

Unifying the seemingly disparate artists is a sustained, thoughtful, and often experimental exploration of identity, space and sequentiality. Each of the SIX artists invites viewers to examine the expression of their diverse practices and methodologies and to arrive at their own unique interpretations. 

Exhibiting Artists are:  

Jill Wilkinson | Shaun Martin | Charles Inge | Lisa Heath | David Hamilton | Fran Farrar 

Ian Whitmore: 

“The selected artists responded magnificently to the opportunity despite not knowing each other and working within a limited time frame. I took pleasure being part of the development and presentation of existing, recently finished and newly created works going so far as to collaborate with artist Shaun Martin, translocating and reconfiguring a section of his studio whilst he is out of the Country. The artists and Quay Arts took risks which have really paid off producing a strong, high quality and thought-provoking exhibition.” 

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