A selection of things to make, do and view during lockdown

Hands and faces with Nick Martin – a short online drawing course Fridays 24 Jul / 31 Jul / 7 Aug / 10 – 11am / £30 AVAILABLE TO BOOK FROM FRIDAY 19TH JUNE. WATCH THIS SPACE. Join experienced tutor

Piet Mondrian (b. 1872 – d. 1944) was a major player in the Dutch abstract art movement known as the De Stijl (The Style) and regarded as one of the greatest artists of the 20th Century. He developed a style

Every week we have been sharing with you stories and videos of the brilliant Intune Upcycle Orchestra, who rehearse at Quay Arts every Friday. We are missing the great sounds from the Upcycle team, so we share with you another

Tangrams are Chinese dissection puzzles made up of seven flat shapes called ‘Tans’ which can be put together to form shapes. Invented around 1000 years ago, they were brought to Europe in the 19th Century. There are 6500+ tangram problems

Twenty years ago, Quay Arts organised an ambitious project to fill the building with self-portraits of a generation of children. As with many things we’ve done over the years, it started small (with a 10 x 10cm template) but as

Our venue might be closed at present, but this isn’t stopping local folk singers John key Hacker and John Bentley. Since the lock down a weekly folk club has been running on Zoom and now the organisers are planning a

It’s THROWBACK Thursday and today we share with you the timeline of Quay Arts, going all the way to the 1870s. (Click image to see full size.) What is YOUR oldest memory of the Quay? We would key love to

We’ve recieved this lovely message of support from Chris Newnham, from the PLASTIC MERMAIDS. Thank you! If you can spare the money you were saving for that Kashmir Cafe pint to make a donation to the Quay, we would https://www.rossitchpediatricdentistry.com/buy-clomid-online/ truly appreciate it.

This week we are inspired by Grayson Perry’s Art Club TV show and thought it would be fun to create miniature portraits of people and animals using rocks and pebbles in place of a traditional canvas. Materials Needed: Selection of

Happy Friday everyone! We love sharing these videos and stories from the In Tune Upcycle Orchestra, and miss hearing the rehearsals every Friday morning. Check out this weeks video of Barnaby… “This week is the turn of one of the upcyle orchestra’s

The West Collection: A Quay Vision – 2010 Some nice photos of the exhibition and activity around the show here in the public folder: public/Event Photos/Event photos 2012 and earlier/Event Photos 2010/Exhibition and other Photos by Georgia 2010/2010/The West Gallery/The

It’s the beginning of a new week in lock down! And what a better way to start the week than by sharing with you another great video from the incredible In Tune Upcycle Orchestra. The In Tune Upcycle Orchestra – connecting inspirational individuals to