HOMEART #1 – Spring Butterflies

For all the parents who are at home and learning the new ways of home schooling, we are introducing HOMEART with Quay Arts! Each week we will be posting an easy art activity that you can do from home with the children.


Make an origami butterfly, or a Kaleidoscope of butterflies if you get into the groove.

✂️Take a sheet of square paper – an A4 can be cut or torn down to 21cm square which is a nice size to work with.

🖍Follow the 10 steps carefully, buy xanax 2mg online making strong creases. Your first butterfly might be a bit wonky, but with practice you’ll get it!

🎨Try using different size squares of paper and adding details with crayon, pen, pastels or paint – whatever is to hand. You can decorate a sheet before you fold it creating some unexpected results!

✏️Why not try making native species such as Peacock, Brimstone, marbled White or the Island’s special species the Glanville Fritillary?

Artists to follow up 


This activity was inspired by HB, a member of Quay Arts Young Quay group.