HOMEART #7: Tasty Tangrams!

Tangrams are Chinese dissection puzzles made up of seven flat shapes called ‘Tans’ which can be put together to form shapes. Invented around 1000 years ago, they were brought to Europe in the 19th Century.

There are 6500+ tangram problems that can be solved using only seven Tan shapes (which should not be overlapped).

But don’t worry! We’re not setting puzzles here – just using the basic shapes to create mindful patterns and geometric art.

Mark up 10 cm squares on a variety of coloured paper (its fine to shade white paper with coloured pencils or paint paper).

If you have a cutting mat you can make use of the printed key rulers to mark up your squares.  

Divide up your squares with lines as shown in image 1 & 2 creating parallelograms, triangles and squares.

Cut out as neatly as possible. Use scissors or if you have permission, a craft knife and metal ruler, or a paper guillotine if you own one.

Play with the pieces to create pleasing patterns! Glue them down if you are really pleased with a design.

Feel free to experiment with cut shapes such as circles, hemispheres and different sized squares to expand upon the traditional 7 ‘Tans’!


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