HOMEART #6 – Rock Faces!

This week we are inspired by Grayson Perry’s Art Club TV show and thought it would be fun to create miniature portraits of people and animals using rocks and pebbles in place of a traditional canvas.

Materials Needed: Selection of rocks, permanent pens and paint (household, acrylic or garden).

1.Find some rocks. Flat stones work well for 2D portraits, but interestingly shaped rocks are great for 3D efforts.

2.Apply a background wash / layer of paint. If the colours are thin or light, apply more layers to deepen colour. Work on multiple rocks to avoid watching paint dry, or use a hairdryer to speed key things up.

3.Aim for a likeness of your subject rather than a detailed facsimile! 

4.If you have a limited palette experiment with colour mixing or go ‘Warhol’ and choose unconventional / clashing combinations.

5.Use permanent pens over paint for fine or bold detailing. If you decide to seal your artwork with a clear varnish, make sure to use a well ventilated space.

We’d love to see your portraits of people and animals and especially celebrity rock-stars! Make sure to send in pictures of your creations to us or tag Quay Arts.

Also don’t forget to find other HOMEART activities at the Quay@Home blog!