HOMEART # 5 – Shadow Tracings!

A simple and fun activity making art from shadows.

Materials needed: Paper, crayons, pens, sunshine or an internal light source.

Find a sunny spot in your garden or on your stoop.

Place an object or two directly on the ground or raised on a stool etc.

Make sure to position your set-up so that light falls across it and casts a shadow.

Place a sheet of paper in the path of the shadow and trace around the edges to capture a likeness.

Rotating an item will alter the shape of it’s key shadow. Experiment to cast detail or create interesting shapes.

Swapping objects or rotating and re-drawing items several times will create layered semi-abstract drawings.

Try using different colours for overlapping tracings to add vitality.

We used ships-in-bottles, toy dinosaurs, cacti and a miniature star wars model in our experiments. What will you use?

Make sure to share this with friends and family you know who will want to give it a go! We would love to see your creations – tag us in your pictures!