HOMEART #4 – Consequence Characters

Drawing consequences is a great fun quick game to play with your family!

Here is what you need…

Any size plain paper
Pen or pencil
Felt tips or colouring pencils
Other people to play with

  1. Without letting anyone else see, draw a ‘head’ on the top of your sheet.
  2. Fold the paper over so that only bottom on the neck shows, pass your drawings to the person on your left. 
  3. Now draw neck, arms, body and very top of legs. 
  4. Fold over the paper so that only the top of the legs show and pass to the left. 
  5. Finally draw legs and feet and get ready for the big hilarious reveal!

Remember, be as wild and creative as you can – you can have lots of legs, wings instead of arms, a robot head, giant furry feet…

Grow your character and write a story…
Colour in your drawing and bring the creature to life – Give them a name. Where do they live? Do they have a job? Who are their friends? What sort of personality do they have? Can you imagine what adventures they might get up to? Let your imagination run free.

Please share your creations with us and don’t forget to tag Quay Arts!