HOMEART #3 – Bejewelled Eggs!

Make your own Bejeweled Eggs this Easter weekend!

Between 1885 – 1917 the House of Faberge produced exquisite jewelled eggs for the Tsars of Russia.

This Easter, Quay Arts is inviting you to create and share your own blinged-up eggs which we’ll put up in an online albumen.

Assuming you don’t have precious metals, minerals and gemstones or a team of master craftspeople to hand, the following pointers might give you some ideas.

Make abstract marks on a piece of thick key paper with watercolour, ink, paint. Once dry, cut out an egg shape.

Use shaped die-cutters, hole punches, stickers and drawing materials to decorate and develop the surface of your egg base.

Cut out and glue on paper swag / filigree for a Faberge feel. Add details with metallic markers / paint. Enhance with stick-on-gems.

Et Voila!