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‘Murmurs from the Wide River’

Freya Purdue

Sat 4 September @ Sat 4 September Sat 23 October @ Sat 23 October

Saturday 4th September – Saturday 23rd October

This exhibition brings together a body of work created over the last 10 years by artist Freya Purdue. As an established painter she has exhibited widely both nationally and internationally and has been a recipient of a number of awards. Her work is held in many collections across the world. She currently lives and works on the Isle of Wight.

‘Murmurs from the Wide River’ the exhibition’s title, refers to sounds that may not at first be heard but become incessant over a prolonged duration, forcing us to address and acknowledge them. They signify the idea or call of the inner life of humanity which runs like a vein of gold through all of us and links us as creative makers, magically weaving artefacts from natural sources into works of beauty.

Murmurs in this context, also refers to the stream of connections in consciousness that confront the contemporary artist working today. The voice of the past is always with us and there is a perpetuity that permeates the practice of painting and links the artist to makers across all cultures and times.

The subjects of the paintings are drawn from a wide range of sources, from the most obvious classical themes and histories in painting, to the subtleties of scientific, anthropological, philosophical and mystical thought. Through the magical process of painting each painting interweaves the streams of research, experience and energy to achieve and expresses its own distinct voice in the flow of the wide river.

www.freyapurdue.com / @freyapurdue


PREVIEW: Sat 4th Sept, 1.30-3.30pm

West Gallery
Monday – Sunday, 9am – 4pm