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Minibeasts, Mark-making and Me

Minibeasts, Mark-making and Me

Sat 17 September @ Sat 17 September Sat 8 October @ Sat 8 October

Saturday 17th Sept – 8th Oct 2022

Minibeasts, Mark-making and Me:
Contemporary Embodied Drawing Approaches to Multispecies Worlds

Against the current backdrop of the biodiversity crisis, and amongst the emergence of research accepting invertebrates as sentient creatures with agency, Kay McCrann is exploring how drawing and mark-making could help us better connect with and understand the small and wonderfully varied ‘minibeasts’ that live in our houses and gardens.

‘Minibeasts’ as a term first emerged within environmental education in the UK during the 1970s. As an incredibly diverse group of small invertebrate animals, minibeasts include bees, butterflies, ants, woodlice, snails, grasshoppers and worms as well as some of the more ‘unloved’ creatures we live alongside at home such as spiders, flies and slugs.

Living here on the Isle of Wight, a UNESCO World Biosphere Reserve, Kay McCrann is currently completing a practice-based PhD with the School of Art, Design and Performance at Portsmouth University. As part of her research she is developing a new model of ‘non-containment’ minibeast drawing practice, investigating how embodied, ‘in-situ’ mark-making could help us develop a more empathetic and empowered understanding of our relationships with Minibeasts within our shared everyday worlds.

www.kaymccrann.com Twitter: @mccrann_k



Clayden Gallery
Monday – Sunday, 9am – 5pm