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IW Story Festival – Phillip Reeve

Fri 25 February Fri 25 February


Friday 25th FEBRUARY

Kieren Larwood
Utterly Dark & the Face of the Deep
QUAY ARTS – Minghella Theatre
Fri 25th Feb 12:00pm

For centuries, Utterly’s family have acted as Watchers, keeping a look-out for mysterious islands which are believed to appear from time to time on the western sea. When the current Watcher mysteriously drowns, his young ward Utterly takes over his duties. Gradually, she starts to discover her strange connection with the forces which dwell in the deep ocean. Philip Reeve takes you on a tour of the mysterious island of Wildsea, the setting for his latest novel, Utterly Dark and the Face of the Deep. Who is Utterly? Why must there always be a Watcher on Wildsea? And what is the truth about the legendary perils that wait in the western deeps?


Welcome to the IW Story Festival.

Friday 25th and Saturday 26th February 2022

It’s a special place for children and families to have fun together; where we can all CREATE, INSPIRE and IMAGINE.

 Stories are all around us; not just in books and poems and plays and songs, but also in the news and history and the places we live. Over two days, the IW Story Festival lets you get lost in stories of all kinds…

Our aim is to:

Let children and their families CREATE; whether through stories and poems, junk modelling or other crafts; to have fun together and discover new talents

Let authors, poets, actors, illustrators, spoken word artists and others INSPIRE you to create your own stories; to discover new worlds and new ideas

Let us all IMAGINE the amazing things we can do and the amazing things we can be.

What stories will you bring with you?



£4 per person
Suggested age 8+
Please note – FRONT ROW tickets for this event are seated on the floor.


*Our booking fees explained:
Our goal is to provide an excellent personal service to our customers and to do this requires a lot of resource. The booking fee we levy contributes to the cost of running the Quay Arts Centre, its Box Office and Box Office systems. As a charitable not for profit organisation all income is used to support the delivery of arts and cultural activities to our local community.