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‘Painting with Glass’ Catherine Van Giap

Tue 3 August @ Tue 3 August Mon 4 October @ Mon 4 October

Tuesday 3rd August – Monday 4th October

Catherine Van Giap / artist statement

I began to mosaic shortly after moving to the Isle of Wight in 2004, wanting to try a new medium, having previously painted. A self-taught professional mosaic artist I have completed public and private commissions, sell in the UK and abroad and taught from my studio for over 10 years.

My mosaics have taken on many subject matter and use of different medium within the practice. My current works take inspiration from my recent paintings, translated into mosaics, returning solely to the use of stained glass.

‘Painting with Glass’

Recently returning to oil painting after many years I have used my work as inspiration and interpreted them into glass mosaic. Working on the edge of mosaic, and hopefully blurring the boundaries of fine art and craft, with the intent of giving mosaic the respect it deserves within the subject matter and translation.

Hanging both mosaic and painting together the interpretation can be seen. Accompanying the oil and mosaic diptychs are additional and recent framed oil and watercolours.

Instagram: @catherinevangiap

List of works (images above, Left to Right)

  • 1. Vase with apples, Oil on canvas £275.00
  • 2. & 3. Fruit section / stained glass mosaic  & Fruit and glass bowl / oil on canvas £350 (the pair)
  • 4. & 5. Split lemons / oil on canvas  & Split lemons / stained glass mosaic £3200 (the pair)
  • 6. & 7. Apples on green with pepper / oil on canvas  & Apples section on green / stained glass mosaic £575 (the pair)
  • 8. & 9. Abstracting fruit / stained glass mosaic & Abstracting fruit / oil on canvas £575 (the pair)
  • 10. Rudbekia in a glass jug Oil on Canvas £275.00
  • 11. Peonies in a glass jug Oil on canvas £275.00
  • 12. Purple Flag Iris Oil on Canvas £275.00
  • 13. Purple Iris Oil on Canvas £275.00


Café Wall
Monday – Sunday, 9am – 4pm