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Collaged books: HomeArt with Melanie Swan

Explore the art of collage with postal packs designed by artist Melanie Swan. Each A5 packs contain hand painted rainbow-coloured and patterned papers, a folding book and collage ideas sheets.

To request your FREE pack simply fill in the contact form below and we will post out as soon as possible (available while stocks last). Funded through the Daisie Rich Trust.

*Limited packs available – 1 pack per family*

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    Swimmers: HomeArt with Antonia McGreachan

    A NEW HomeArt Activity by artist Antonia McGreachan, inspired by artist David Hockney. Make your very own abstract swimming pool following this step by step tutorial!

    David Hockney, water and me, an introduction:

    “Water is an essential part of us and our lives. I’ve been captivated by the sight, sound and feel of water all my life and it’s often featured in my paintings. Changing light, movement and the way it abstracts the figure make it a fascinating subject.

    As a teenager in the 1980s my Mum took my Sister and I to a very small gallery/shop in London’s Covent Garden, where I saw massive wall-to-wall swimming pool paintings by the artist David Hockney. It was as if I was immersed in my own pool surrounded by colour and the show had a lasting effect on my own work. As I went about my artistic life exploring water and swimmers as a subject I naturally looked at David Hockney’s paintings whose interpretations of water are as varied as the subject of water itself. Thank you mum!”

    Before you start making your pool why not take a look at his work – click here.

    You will need:
    ⦁ A drawing pencil
    ⦁ A4 White card/paper
    ⦁ A4 dark blue paper
    ⦁ 2-3 different shades of blue colouring pencils
    ⦁ A white pencil
    ⦁ Glue stick
    ⦁ Scissors

    Download the Swimmers template to use here

    Step 1:
    Take a breath and tune into the feeling of water, the sound and feel of it, imagine yourself floating! Or if you don’t swim just walking by it.
    Watch the video I made on Ventnor Beach for inspiration.

    Step 2:
    Take your pencil for a walk across your paper going from one edge to the other. Make sure your paper is on a piece of card or a magazine so the lines and colouring don’t pick up what is underneath.

    Step 3:
    You can make 6 different shades out of your 3 colour pencils by applying different pressure. Practise on a bit of paper or in your sketchbook first.

    Step 4:
    Begin by outlining your pencil design in dark blue.
    To get more intricate patterns you can add more lines using your dark blue pencil as you go along.

    Step 5:
    Start colouring in your pool. As you colour in remember to leave white areas, these are the reflections of light on the water.

    Step 6:
    Draw around the templates on your blue paper with a white pencil and cut them out. You may need an adult to help you. You can download the swimmers template to use here.

    Step 7:
    Place the swimmers on your pool, try out different arrangements

    Step 8:

    Choose your favourite composition and glue it into position.

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    OFF THE RAILS Online Exhibition: Winning Artist Announced!

    For our current exhibition, OFF THE RAILS, we partnered with Isle of Wight Steam Railway to celebrate their 50th anniversary moving from Newport to Havenstreet, by showing artefacts, signs and memorabilia from their collection, related objects and artworks from the IW Heritage Service Collection, AJ Wells & Sons, as well as a series of artist’s and school’s response work.

    As part of this exhibition, we invited artists to submit work to respond to ideas around preservation, displacement and memory, and some wider themes on travel, engineering and movement, giving this exhibition a rich, contemporary feel, whilst retaining the narrative of the Island’s Steam Railway history. Works include painting, drawing, mixed media, digital, print, text and sculpture. You can view all of the artists work here on our online gallery: OTR Online: Artist Response | (

    Artist Prize:
    On Monday 15th February we announced via social media that one artist has been selected from the exhibition to hold a future solo show in Quay Arts’ Clayden Gallery, gaining one-to-one support from the Arts Team in developing their exhibition. In addition, IW Steam Railway have offered a season ticket to IW Steam Railway, giving them unlimited travel on their trains for one year!



    Steve Miles
    His submission to OFF THE RAILS included digital works ‘Fervour 1 & 2’, 50 x 70cm each and six digital works ‘Style Writing Roots (1-6)’, 61 x 16cm each, representing bold, graphic graffiti works on subway trains. See the winning work here – OTR Online: Artist Response | (

    These works on trains represent the beginnings of Steve Miles’ initial interest in the graffiti artform that started on the sides of the trains in the Bronx back in the late 60’s. In the early 80’s when he was a teenager, he was amazed by the large colourful paintings on the sides of the trains and became hooked on practicing the visual style of letterforms –

    “Its crazy to think that these kids living in such hard times created a world-wide artform, using their imagination and creativity to produce moving vibrant pieces of work on the side of the trains, it was a way of feeling like they existed and a way out of the gang culture of the times. If you can think past the fact that it was illegal and understand the world these guys were living in hopefully you will find it just as beautiful and amazing as myself! In such desperate and hard times, they found a way to be constructive and creative, giving birth to an amazing artform!”

    His abstract language of painting combines a highly expressive and gestural graphic style, that is representational of over three decades spent as a graphic designer and graffiti artist. Steve Miles is a member of the National Acrylic Painters Association and lives and works on the IW.

    The selection was made by Georgia Newman, Quay Arts’ Visual Arts Manager, Ian Whitmore, Quay Arts’ Learning, Education and Workshops Manager, and John Paton, Havenstreet’s Museum curator.

    John Paton said this in response:
    “What drew me to Steve’s work is the boldness and energy, a sense of movement and the way the carriages are peopled with such a wide variety of humanity. Railways are an enclosed world of their own, operating to their own set of often arcane rules, but as Steve reminds us, without passengers -and freight – there is no reason for their existence.  I hope that when we can open the railway people will visit ‘Off the Rails’ at Havenstreet, alongside our exhibition celebrating 50 years of the steam railway and view this exciting collection of art in the context of the trains themselves. And perhaps Steve will be inspired to create a work for display at Havenstreet that encapsulates maybe the energy that railways generate.”

    In response to finding out about the announcement, selected artist Steve Miles has said:
    “This opportunity really is a big deal for me and is an opportunity that I will grab with both hands. I am so grateful to the Quay Arts and I’m already looking forward to creating a new body of work for this solo exhibition.”

    Georgia Newman said this in response:
    “I’m thrilled we’ve been able to unanimously select this fantastic artist. Steve’s work is incredibly bold and expressive and shows great promise in adapting the space into something quite exciting. I really look forward to working with him to bring an exhibition of his style and content to our Clayden Gallery in 2022 and potentially do something off-site at Havenstreet too!”

    Steve Miles Website: Steve Miles – Fine Art

    Steve Miles Social Media: Steve Miles Artist | Facebook / Steve Miles / toxic363 (@stevemilesartist) • Instagram photos and videos


    Illustrated Recipes: HomeArt with Lucia Para

    “What if art could find its way into the kitchen? And food could become an imaginative activity too?

    In this video, all kids will be able to start their own favourite recipe book, made with pictures, lots of imagination and … with a twist of fun! Materials can be as basic as you want, and you will get two green and healthy recipes to try… suitable for all palates and palettes!”

    This HomeArt workshop is supported and funded by The Daisie Rich Trust.

    The video is all about fun, imagination, and healthy taste, and here you can download the recipes to go with the activity!

    And if you fancy, you can print your own front cover and the characters cutouts!

    Find out more about Island Artist Lucia Para at

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    Paper Hearts: HomeArt with Hannah George

    We have another fantastic follow along tutorial for you to do at home this valentines with the whole family. The lovely Hannah George, Island Artist, has created another wonderful HomeArt activity, making origami paper hearts! Perfect to add to a homemade card or even just for some fun.

    Make sure to share this with friends and families and get creating together this valentines!

    You can also download the Paper Hearts worksheet to follow.

    Share with us your creations! #QuayatHome #QuayCreates

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    PATTERN: Home Art Activity with Hannah George

    Join Island Artist Hannah George from your own homes and follow this great tutorial on how to create your very own patterned animal!

    The wonderful Hannah George has created a fantastic art activity and filmed a tutorial for you to follow online. Suitable for all ages, this is a perfect mindful resource to use at home. There are downloadable patterned animal templates provided for inspiration or to print and colour in.

    Hannah George (@hgmakings) • Instagram photos and videos


    Download PATTERN Cat Template

    Download PATTERN Owl Template

    Download PATTERN Hedgehog Template

    Exhibitions Quay News Quay@Home Talks

    Artist Talk with Susie Prangnell: ‘Balance’ Exhibition

    Quay Arts’ Visual Arts Manager Georgia Newman talks to Island Artist Susie Prangnell about her latest exhibition ‘Balance’ currently on in Quay Arts’ Cafe.

    Join us for our first Zoom artist talk in lockdown 2.0, with artist Susie Prangnell discussing her latest exhibition ‘Balance’ at Quay Arts, her chosen medium soft pastels, creative process and some very useful advice for anyone wishing to pursue a career in the arts and creative industries.

    The talk is 14 minutes long and is available while the exhibition is on at Quay Arts until January 2021. To view the exhibition online please click here.


    Hands & Faces: ONLINE drawing course

    Hands and faces with Nick Martin – a short online drawing course

    Fridays 24 Jul / 31 Jul / 7 Aug / 10 – 11am / £30


    Join experienced tutor Nick Martin for an online course that will help you establish good drawing practice and easy ways of always getting the face and hands ‘right’.

    With some simple rules and a little practice, you will never need to fear hands and feet again!

    The course is delivered across online via Zoom across three hour long sessions on consecutive Fridays.

    Session 1 – group introductions / tutor demo / Q&As

    Session 2 – practical activity focussing on the face & features

    Session 3 – practical activity exploring hands

    An individual 10 min tutorial will be offered to each student between session 2 and 3 for feedback and to set some homework.The course will be delivered via Zoom with a maximum of 10 places available, which must be pre-booked.

    This course has been developed with consideration for participants working from home and only a few pencils and some A3 paper is required to join in.


    · introduction to students and tutor demo / course Q&A

    · x2 sessions of group activity (practicals)

    · individual 10m tutorials

    The tutor will host the Zoom sessions and allow participants in at the allotted start time of 10am.

    Zoom can be downloaded as an app to a PC / laptop or accessed via a web browser.



    HOMEART #8 – A La Mondrian!

    Piet Mondrian (b. 1872 – d. 1944) was a major player in the Dutch abstract art movement known as the De Stijl (The Style) and regarded as one of the greatest artists of the 20th Century.

    He developed a style of totally abstract painting which combined only straight lines and right angles, primary colours and primary values (black, white and grey).

    Mondrian’s work continues to inspire architects and fashion designers, such as the contemporary designer Camille Walala

    More about Mondrian can be found on Wikipedia:

    Create your own MONDRIAN inspired artworks.

    You’ll need: thin card (or a cereal box), ruler, scissors, masking tape and pencil.

    1.Draw several horizontal and vertical lines on your card (non-glossy side of cereal pack) using the ruler. Make sure the lines are spaced at differently spaced intervals.

    2.Where horizontal and vertical lines have crossed you will have created squares and rectangles. Cut out a number of these shapes (but don’t cut out shapes that join the edge of your template).

    3.Cut a straight line from the edge of your template to reach into a shape, then use masking tape or similar to repair the single cut line. If you are old enough and competent you can use a craft knife with a metal cutting ruler and self-healing mat underneath. 

    4.Place your template over a sheet of white paper and start colouring with red, yellow, blue, black and grey – this recreates the three primary colour and values Mondrian worked with.

    5.Make more than one template for variety of shapes and be sure to include some long thin slots, which can be used to box in coloured areas.

    6.Rotating templates to apply shapes in different directions for variety.

    It’s harder than it looks, to find a harmonious combination of lines, shapes and colour!

    Mondrian’s late work such as ‘Victory Boogie Woogie’ (1942) incorporated torn coloured paper. For an extended activity how about cutting out and wrapping coloured bands of paper over paper strips to glue onto a white background.


    Upcycle Orchestra – Meet Ben!

    Every week we have been sharing with you stories and videos of the brilliant Intune Upcycle Orchestra, who rehearse at Quay Arts every Friday. We are missing the great sounds from the Upcycle team, so we share with you another great video!

    The In Tune Upcycle Orchestra – connecting inspirational individuals to the power of music. Every Friday at Quay Arts, we normally have the incredible In Tune Upcycle Orchestra rehearsing in our building. Every week, we will be sharing videos and stories of these inspirational individuals in the Upcycle Orchestra.

    “This week’s video features Ben in full Rock mode. Ben has an inherited love for music and enjoys performing infront of others! Please enjoy his awesome performance, rock on Ben!” – Darren Price, In Tune Upcycle Orchestra Facilitator

    To see the video please click here!


    HOMEART #7: Tasty Tangrams!

    Tangrams are Chinese dissection puzzles made up of seven flat shapes called ‘Tans’ which can be put together to form shapes. Invented around 1000 years ago, they were brought to Europe in the 19th Century.

    There are 6500+ tangram problems that can be solved using only seven Tan shapes (which should not be overlapped).

    But don’t worry! We’re not setting puzzles here – just using the basic shapes to create mindful patterns and geometric art.

    Mark up 10 cm squares on a variety of coloured paper (its fine to shade white paper with coloured pencils or paint paper).

    If you have a cutting mat you can make use of the printed key rulers to mark up your squares.  

    Divide up your squares with lines as shown in image 1 & 2 creating parallelograms, triangles and squares.

    Cut out as neatly as possible. Use scissors or if you have permission, a craft knife and metal ruler, or a paper guillotine if you own one.

    Play with the pieces to create pleasing patterns! Glue them down if you are really pleased with a design.

    Feel free to experiment with cut shapes such as circles, hemispheres and different sized squares to expand upon the traditional 7 ‘Tans’!


    My Millennium – Throwback to year 2000

    Twenty years ago, Quay Arts organised an ambitious project to fill the building with self-portraits of a generation of children. As with many things we’ve done over the years, it started small (with a 10 x 10cm template) but as schools got on board and drawings, paintings and prints came flooding in, it grew to such an extent that the resulting exhibition, My Millenium, ended up in the Guinness Book of Records as the largest collection of self-portraits ever, with 13,626!

    Were you one of the thousands of children who took part? Do you recognise yourself in any of these photos? Comment below your memories of the exhibition! 💭

    And WATCH THIS SPACE for news of a follow-up, twenty years later….