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Why you should go into business with Quay Arts

The fact that you are reading these words means that you already value and appreciate the arts.

Quay Arts is now actively pursuing new businesses opportunities with companies keen to be associated with some of the biggest names in the arts world. If you already suspect your organisation would benefit from being in business with Quay Arts, you can start the conversation by sending us an email right now.

The Centre’s partnership with Wighlink helps promote Quay Arts to the millions of tourists who visit the island each year. Imagine what your business could achieve with that level of exposure.

Now with a Tourist Information Point within the heart of the building, Quay Arts is always looking for ways to build on its already vital place at the heart of the community. If your business has the Isle of Wight at the centre of its strategy, we should be talking about how we can grow together.

An introduction to Quay Arts

Quay Arts is the central creative hub for artists and communities on the Isle of Wight. It is based in two listed harbour-side buildings in the heart of Newport, by the River Medina.

Open daily, hosting over 96,000 visits a year, Quay Arts is the only multi-purpose venue and professional gallery on the Island. An outstanding programme of events comprises theatre, music, comedy and visual arts, including activities on and off site. Artist and craft maker studios are also provided, at Jubilee Stores, and opportunities for professional artists on the Island to develop their practice and careers are offered.

The organisation’s aim is to transform the lives of individuals on the Island and beyond by raising and enabling creative ambitions. Quay Arts is motivated, forward thinking and outward looking.

The charity and its partners

Quay Arts is a registered charity (operating under the name Steve Ross Foundation for the Arts) and has been serving the community since 1987.

Established partnerships exist with cultural and commercial organisations across the island, and on the mainland, including Solo producers of the Isle of Wight Festival, Tate Modern, Visit Isle of Wight and the National Trust.

Why the Isle of Wight needs Quay Arts

The Isle of Wight is a microcosm of the mainland, with wealthy areas like Cowes contrasting with pockets of economic deprivation, both urban and rural (exacerbated by a predominantly seasonal economy). With no city, and a weak cultural infrastructure, access to arts and cultural experiences are limited. Due to ferry timings and prices, attending events on the mainland is simply not an option to many.

The island’s economic performance is poor compared with national and regional figures, and is in the bottom 15% of deprivation indices in the South East.

Quay Arts provides a vital cultural, economic and educational contribution to islanders, improving wellbeing and attainment through its activities. The organisation is highly regarded, and known for presenting high-quality arts activities together with local and national partners.

A visit to the Café Bar at lunch time alone is proof enough that Quay Arts plays a vital role in island life. Add the Craft Shop, wedding, business conferencing facilities and exciting programme of education and live events, and the opportunities presented by the centre are boundless.

A dedicated and growing audience

Visitors to Quay Arts range in age from toddlers to retirees.  The centre champions local artists, who sell their work in the craft shop and galleries, and emerging artists, through activities such as the Kashmir Café at the Isle of Wight Festival. Established artists from the UK and beyond are invited to show and perform work, where visitors from far and wide are assured of a high-quality cultural experience in a friendly, welcoming environment.

Craft workshops for adults, free arts activities for toddlers and structured learning opportunities for young people appeal to existing and new visitors. Off-site workshops, for example at Sandown Zoo, aim to grow an audience that is keen to see what the centre has to offer.

Visual arts educational workshops from Quay Arts are in demand from local schools and the quality of the work is recognised within the industry. One Artist Educator, for example, won the 2012 national Marsh Award for Excellence in Gallery Education on the strength of his work with Quay Arts. Opportunities for younger people to learn new skills are also offered through initiatives such as Young Quay.

Quay Arts wants to reach even more people on the island. To give everyone – young and old – the opportunity to experience and enjoy the arts. We need individual partners and supporters like you to help make that happen.

Constantly improving our offering

At Quay Arts, we are changing the way we do business: improving the effectiveness of commercial operations, investing in data collection to learn more about our audience, and reinvesting in our cultural programming, including producing our first in-house play. This website has also been redesigned and rewritten to attract and inform a wider audience.

By supporting Quay Arts, you are investing in an organisation that values every penny we receive. Our team is dedicated to providing the best cultural offering possible with the lowest possible overheads.

The years ahead at Quay Arts

Going forwards Quay Arts will focus on the three key areas:

  • Increasing young people’s creativity and employability on the island
  • Providing inspirational visual arts programming for the island
  • Upgrading public facilities and improving environmental sustainability

If you would like to discuss how you or your organisation can help Quay Arts in this important work, or have some ideas you would like to present, please contact us by email. Feel free to be creative – that’s what the Centre is all about.

Events calendar

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Fri 03

Isle of Wight Youth Jazz Orchestra

Fri 3 April, 8:00pm - 10:00pm
Sat 04

NEW Looped Baskets with Soft Materials

Sat 4 April, 10:00am - Sun 5 April, 4:00pm
Sun 05

Irish Sessions

Sun 5 April, 1:00pm - 4:00pm

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