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Matthew Chambers Ceramic Sculpture: Buy a Token & Support the Quay


In recognition of early career support received from Quay Arts, acclaimed Island based ceramicist Matthew Chambers has gifted a newly made sculpture to ‘Love Quay’, our fundraising scheme which provides options for supporting the centre through donations or purchase of special products and tokens.

Ceramic sculpture, Matthew Chambers, 2020,  23cm H x 23 W

The donated sculpture, one of a small number of works developed during the lockdown, is an especially interesting piece pointing towards an evolution of form in Matthews work. The sculpture is being shown for the first time at Quay Arts within the café space.

To be in with a chance of owning Matthew’s sculpture one hundred £10 tokens are being made available for purchase. There is no limit to the number of tokens of support you may purchase.

Once all the tokens have been allotted (purchased) a winner will be randomly selected to receive the artwork.

Shipping to a non-Island address must be covered by the winner.

Image Credit: Julian Winslow

We asked Matthew about his connection to Quay Arts and for some insight into the artwork which was created during the lock down.

Quay: Why donate to the Quay?


“Quay Arts did so much to help kick start my professional career when I moved to the Isle of Wight in 2004, as a resident artist of the Arts Council’s ‘Setting Up Scheme’. It enabled me an 18 month residency at the Quay’s Jubilee Stores Studios, with use of facilities when I had none, without which I’m not sure I would’ve managed to get going at all.

The Quay were so supportive of me, not only providing facilities, but also enabling other invaluable support including provision of  a business mentor and help to build my first business website. I’ve been lucky that my business has grown well through the 16 years since, and whilst my studio is no longer based at the Quay, I’ll forever appreciate the help they gave me to begin my career in strength.

The arts sector has been hit particularly hard by the pandemic repercussions, and Quay Arts has not been far from my thoughts throughout. They are so crucial in bringing arts and culture to the island in all its forms, and we all need them to survive to enable this to continue. If I can try to give a little bit back to them for all the help they gave me at a time that was also (for very different reasons) quite difficult, I am very honoured to do so.”

Quay: Why this piece of work?


“I had an aim that 2019 would be the year I would take some time out to experiment and hopefully create something new. Whilst ideas began it didn’t go far, and after minimal time and small beginnings I let frustration and external pressure overtake and I put it on hold. But when the lockdown began in March everything else suddenly stopped, and I had to leave the studio to stay home full time to look after my kids. I decided then to make a temporary studio in the garage to enable a little bit of continuation, whenever I found some time to do so.

But like most of us I felt a general sense of hopelessness when everything kicked off, and didn’t feel like just carrying on with my normal work as life had suddenly become anything but. I decided then it was time to play, and thought the best way to begin was to look at Barbara Hepworth – my all-time greatest inspiration.

I began by using some of her formal elements, whilst trying to do something new of my own with them, and then build upon it.

Developments have steadily continued in the weeks since the beginning of lockdown and there now seems to be a particular focus coming into play that is very much prevalent in this blue piece donated to Quay Arts. With this new focus I feel I am now in a place where I will continue my development, going forwards into whatever kind of new normal we achieve.”

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