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Portfolio Preparation at Quay Arts

Tue 16 January, 9:30amTue 20 November, 4:30pm


Date: Tue 16 January to Tue 20 November
Time: 9:30am to 4:30pm
Price: 2,200

Tuesdays, 16 Jan – 20 Nov 2018 9.30am – 4.30pm


This new three-term course will give participants an opportunity to prepare a portfolio and hone their presentation skills which could be used as part of the requirement of entering art courses at university level. It is a non-accredited course, aimed at mature students or younger people who would like the foundation ‘experience’.

Artists/tutors from the Island will give a range of classes which will take place every Tuesday at Quay Arts and Jubilee Stores.  Mornings will concentrate on basic principles of good drawing and painting practice.  In the afternoon there will be practical workshops. In the final term, there will be the opportunity to participate in an end of term exhibition at Quay Arts.

This Island- based course will give you all you need to create an exciting and impressive portfolio.

Some materials will be provided and there will be a list of materials for you to bring with you, given at the beginning of each term.

The course is limited to eight students.

To book, please contact Box Office on 01983 822490.

Enquiries to Lead Tutor Nick Martin at nmartiniow@gmail.com


Term 1  in brief (Tuesdays 9.30am – 4.30pm) 

16th January  – 16th February, (Half term Feb 13) 20th February  – 27th March

AM  Still life drawing, natural form drawing, perspective, mark making, basic life drawing, charcoal drawing.

PM workshops in ceramic, jewellery, textiles and sculpture.


Term 2 in brief (Tuesdays 9.30am – 4.30pm)

17th April – 22nd May, (Half Term 29th May ) 5th June – 26th June

AM  Colour theory, Photoshop, colour mixing principles, colour perspective, colour monoprints.

PM  Workshops in landscape painting, printmaking, bricolage, Photoshop.


Term 3 in brief (Tuesdays 9.30am – 4.30pm)

12th September  – 17th October,  (half term 24th October)   31st October  – 20th November  

AM  Graphics/poster/typesetting on Photoshop, illustration from a text, anatomy in life drawing, presenting work, framing and preparing visual publicity for an end of year exhibition at Quay Arts.

PM Workshops in digital photography, polychrome sculptures, painting, sewn textiles and photographing your own work.

Meet the tutors…

Nick Martin (Lead Tutor)
Visual Studies, Life Drawing & Photoshop

webnickmartin new photo

I am  figurative painter and my work rests upon drawing as the underlying structure. I mainly concentrate on portraits, influenced by 15th and 16th century masters. I also uses the principles of Impressionist colour mixing and Photoshop, allowing the eye to mix shades and hues.

I run life drawing at Quay Artsand elsewhere on the Island.

To see more of Nick’s Artwork please go to www.nmartin2001.wix.com

Martin Swan

Landscape Painting


A painter, originally specialising in watercolour. Now more of an oil painter with occasional excursions into other mediums, acrylics, metal leaf and even CGI.

Landscapes and marine painting form the bulk of my work, largely traditional and figurative in style, but some stylised work. In addition, I enjoy portraits, botanical drawing and, increasingly, abstract painting.

My work has been exhibited widely in this country, including The Mall Galleries, Bankside Gallery and The National Maritime Museum in London; overseas in New Zealand and Oman, and is many private collections.

I’m a member of The Royal Society of Marine Artists.

To see more of Martin’s Artwork please go to www.martinswan.com

Clair Robinson




Clair studied ceramic design in the early 80’s and was production managed for a local pottery for many years. Returning to college to complete  teacher training in adult education, Clair started teaching pottery for the Isle of Wight College in 1988. Since  the 90’s Clair has taught a wide range of ceramics techniques  at Quay Arts, including how to throw a pot.

On this course you will learn how to prep and wedge the clay, learn the correct hand shapes and positions to use to throw your first pot.

Babs Gowan



Babs Gowan is an experimental artist who works across several media: drawing, painting, mixed media, ceramics and digital. Her work explores themes of vulnerability and empowerment; the act of making is meditative and transformative. There is a strong kinaesthetic element to her practice, which often includes scratching marks into surfaces and expressive brush marks.

To see more of Bab’s Artwork please go to www.isleofwightarts.com/artist-gallery/babsgowan

Jennifer Holloway-Bridges



Jennifer Holloway-Bridges’ passion for jeweller-making started when she was very young. After studying art and design in 6th form, she went on to complete a two-year Design Metals HND at Plymouth Art College. On her return to the island, Jennifer became an apprentice at Benzies in Cowes. As well as being a jewellery tutor for Quay Arts and is a studio holder at Jubilee Stores, where she designs and makes her own pieces.

Melanie Swan

Textiles & Dyeing


I paint in the traditional medium of egg tempera, on wooden panels which I prepare myself.  In my early twenties I studied iconography in France and later studied for an Honours Degree in European Thought and Literature, at what is now Anglia Ruskin University, Cambridge. My return to a creative practice included working with constructed textiles, dyes and screenprint.  I have regularly attended courses at West Dean College, over many years, and have a particular interest in traditional materials, as well as painting and printmaking techniques. I also work with natural dyes made using materials I gather and prepare myself.

To see more of Melanie’s Artwork please go to www.melanieswan.co.uk

Chris Jenkins

3 Dimensional Structures


Chris Jenkins creates sculptures featuring desolate shells of buildings and burned out rigs which contrast against his paintings depicting impossibly colourful towers, imagined histories and landscapes. In both, there are remnants of human activity, spaces hastily constructed and quickly abandoned where technology and society have failed. With elements of science fiction, Jenkins casts a postmodernist critique and examination of our culture, marking an emotional and psychological overview of our ideas of shelter andinfrastructure.

To see more of Chris’s Artwork please go to www.chrisjenkinsartist.com

Ian Whitmore




Ian Whitmore graduated from Brighton University with a degree in Fine Art Printmaking, before co-founding the Borbonesa Art company, specialising in creating artist books.

Based at Quay Arts Jubilee Stores since 2009, Ian combines a studio practice inspired by the Natural World and artist collaboration, with the delivery of creative workshops and projects to individuals and cultural organisations across the South East.

Current practice focuses on printmaking, drawing, paper-cutting and collage

To see more of Ian’s Artwork please go to ianwhitmore.co.uk/

Russell West

Coloured Constructions


Recognised predominantly as a sculptor I tend to work with everyday materials found or re-cycled to produce my work, most recently using wire and household paint to translate heavily populated urban dwellings or slums, that have long been a fascination of mine, into 3D paintings and sculptures.

To see more of Russell’s Artwork please go to www.russellwestfineart.co.uk

Marius von Brasch



Most of my work – painting, works on paper, digital video – is about the idea of transformation or process, which in my understanding relates to layers of the ‘self’, to memory, force, time, otherness.

Frequently, my works reference mythology and source images, which pick up these subjects, especially from alchemical Renaissance imagery and Baroque paintings.

In my practice I deliberately join ancient and contemporary influences in a field between the handmade, ‘authentic’ and digital media. Practice is based on the immediacy of mark making, on fragmentation as marker of time and a calculated input of digital technology.

To see more of Marius’s Artwork please go to www.mariusvonbrasch.co.uk/

Bridget Macdonald

Charcoal Drawing


Large scale charcoal drawings have formed an important element in my work since I began my career.  They are equivalents of the paintings in oil which I also make, rather than preliminary or supporting studies for those paintings.  I like the simplicity of means which charcoal offers and the range of expression which it is possible to achieve.  Subject matter includes the figure, landscape and animals with art historical associations and echoes.

To see more of Bridget’s Artwork please go to www.bridgetmacdonald.co.uk

Marion Tasker 

Botanical & Text Illustration


After studying technical illustration and botanical art at college I worked for 25 years as a medical illustrator for various publishing houses. Initially my work was with pen and ink preparing colour overlays and as the digital era began I began to use Illustrator and Photoshop discovering new ways of creating fine detailed anatomical work

My work now comprises of digital artwork created in illustrator commissioned for books, painting using oils and watercolors. My painted work tends to be on a larger format. I work from plants and from photographic reference. I also have a love of portraiture.

Hannah George

Relief Paper & Sculptures


Paper has been the core material running through my work in recent years. Its immediacy, familiarity, low cost and boundless applications seem to make it a material to satisfy almost all creative urges. In my work I am interested in a simplicity and quietness of form alongside bold geometric shapes, with a reduction in colour to predominantly white and shades of ivory. In tandem to this I also work with the opposite – flamboyant, baroque and organic shapes and forms in sumptuous golds and black. I’m currently working on a series of ‘Lost Fauna’ that tries to marry up these two strands.

To see more of Hannah’s Artwork please visit: 

Facebook: HannahGeorgeMakings  / Instagram: hgmakings

Penelope Walford

Mark Making


Known mostly for my paintings of the Solent Forts, recent years have seen a shift to contemporary drawing, entirely abstract, in which the mark itself is king.

To see more of Penny’s Artwork please visit: 

Facebook / Instagram: Penelope Walford Artwww.penelopewalford.com

Abigail Wheeler



My current work is directly influenced by my local environment and I draw upon man-made artefacts and structures peculiar to coastal living. Through practice-based research, I experiment with developing and applying a distilled vocabulary of shapes, materials and textures. Exploring the ways in which humans have developed methods of survival on and by the sea has exposed an ingenuity and craftsmanship that I find compelling and extremely relevant in contemporary society. I am particularly interested in the concept of buoyancy as this for me resonates across personal and political contexts.

To see more of Abigail’s Artwork please visit: 

www.abiwheeler.com / Instagram: @abiwheeleriow / Twitter: @abi_wheeler



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