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elevation paul woods

Paul Woods: Elevation

Sat 16 January, 2016, 10:00amSat 12 March, 2016, 4:00pm


Date: Sat 16 January to Sat 12 March
Time: 10:00am to 4:00pm
Price: Free
Venue: The West Gallery

Raising the ordinary to elevated heights.

(Please note, the galley will be closed on Thursday 10th March for Quay Arts’ Charity Event ‘The Art of Food & live Art Auction’.)

Paul Woods (aka Paradox Paul) is a conceptual artist, recently returned to the Island from over 20 years spent in Europe. He previously worked as an architectural model-maker and exhibition technician before focusing on his visual art practice. Rather than working in a particular field or media, he has worked on a wide range of projects involving installation, photography, fine art, performance art and audience participation. His work can be defined as conceptual in whatever form it takes, while subversion and ambiguity remain a constant.

‘Elevation’ brings various elements and ideas together. The works displayed have been (and continue to be) assembled within a six month period, starting at his studio located at the Depozitory in Ryde and continuing in The West Gallery at Quay Arts. Everything is created from recycled materials collected from streets and building sites around the Island, with some items specifically donated. Reluctant to work from a blank canvas, Paul finds that reclaimed materials contain built-in character and history.

Paul believes that nothing is ever finished and considers everything he does as sketches. Rarely making preliminary drawings or models, he builds according to images in his head and to sets of self-imposed constraints. Parts are assembled from what comes to hand, one piece after the next, as one would assemble a puzzle. Made with only basic hand tools, the works have a feeling of simplicity and spontaneity, regardless of how long they may have taken to produce.

‘Elevation’ is to include two new thrones, one architectural, harking back to Paul’s roots as an architectural model-maker, while the other will be the largest he has created to date. These pieces trace back to his ‘Game of Thorns’ throne installation in the group show ‘The Art of Democracy‘, shown in The West Gallery in summer 2015. The throne installations allow visitors to feel a sense of power and/or elevation through physically interacting with the works.

Through his multi-disciplinary methods and visitor participation, it allows for wider audience to get directly involved in the arts and feel included in the making process. During the residency, visitors will be invited to help out, to develop and construct new and existing works, as well as to bring materials for the project; donated materials are a key dynamic of this residency and exhibition.

View installation images (photos John Sparrow):

Aside from his artistic practice, Paul Woods founded and ran off-site spaces for many years in Berlin and Zürich as a curator, specialising in exhibition and events design. He has also exhibited and participated in projects in Berlin, Hamburg, Zürich, London and Prague.

Please note, due to the nature of this exhibition, The West Gallery is only partially open for the first few weeks of the residency period. The gallery will be fully open when the exhibition will be complete in February, and will continue until 12th March 2016.


Saturday 16 January – Saturday 12 March 2016, 10am – 4pm, Mon – Sat (gallery closed Sundays)

(Please note, the galley will be closed on Thursday 10th March for Quay Arts’ Charity Event ‘The Art of Food & live Art Auction’.)

Elevation Party: Sat 5th March, 2 – 5pm. Free, all welcome.
Join artist Paul Woods in The West Gallery and finally experience ‘Elevation’; a new exhibition made in situ from recycled materials.

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